“Take it to the mattresses”

This is an aside…

So the other day, I was at work, as per usual. & in rolls one Diner employee, who shall remain nameless, to protect his identity, so suffice it to say that this dude has more clout than I ever really did in that joint… He had not come to see me, but we still had a pleasant exchange of small talkery, during which I inquired into the current state of the Diner’s affairs.

He replied that things were much improved now that the old bookkeeper was gone. He continued, that it was discovered that she had been stealing from the business, and that she had even created a fictitious employee on the payroll by which to allocate more monies to herself. This was on top of the occasional checks that she would cut to herself for no apparent reason…

I had suspected that this was the situation years ago (though I don’t believe she had created the fake emp till I was gone, I kept an eye on matters of that sort…), and I had wanted to get rid of her – as the main controller of our finances. But my ideas were always met with opposition from George, and Toby? Or was it just that there was no help from Tob…anyhow, I seem to have been correct in my hunch.

& I was pleased to learn that this woman, the bookkeeper, was no longer a plague to the Diner, but it all still gave me a bad feeling overall. My mind wandered back through all of the times and troubles that had passed, since that first hunch was formed, back in “04.

Loosing Beau, the double burglary, the insanely late hours trying to make shit work, the general sense of despair that perched on my shoulder day and night. & then to look, on either side of this run of tragedy, there was that brief golden time, when we won awards and accolades. We made money and gave raises.

And what about all that shit that everyone has given me about how I was not running the business properly because I paid my staff too well!?!?  Fuck you  – I was getting robbed! That lousy bitch took my LIFE. Not to play the victim or anything…

But when I asked my CPA, if this woman was still in business, or if any criminal charges had been pressed. He replied, belatedly, that “it is a complicated matter” and that we ought to all have a meeting about it. Which is fine, I’ll meet. But I am contacting the Diner’s IRS officer tomorrow morning before any such meeting shall even be scheduled, and call in a third party on the matter.

I feel obligated, to myself, and to my former community of Reno, to make sure that this woman is put out of business, and that she looses her license to practice handling anybody else’s money but her own.  I am also prepared to recruit Beau’s mother, who just so happens to still be a current, legal member of the LLC, not to mention the toughest, smartest broad living in Reno at this time, which is saying a whole lot of something. So methinks we have a pretty legitimate legal case here.

There have been so many times when I felt I had an opportunity to fix the messes of the Diner. & time after time, these matters have been decided for me. I have been repeatedly ousted, because it was no longer my business, or even because something I loved would possibly be threatened if I were to act out (Mu). But now there is nothing but blue sky hanging over my head, & I have before me a wrong, which may I truly right.  At last –  & yes, it is my problem. It is my fight. That bitch stole from me, personally, and lied to my face, day after day – for three years straight.

So avert your sweet eyes, mien little kittens. Mama is thirsty for blood.


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