About microwaves…

& why one might put their dreams inside of one?

Well, trying to be brief (Rachel Maddow is on, & I hate to miss her) I used to own a restaurant. By “used to” I mean that I have only signed off on the licenses with the city of Reno a week or two ago, and it seems that the paperwork is still pending. That is what paper work likes to do, pend…

The restaurant was, and still is, unique and pioneering, it has been in the biz since ’89, and it was my primary focus for several years. & for a time, it was good. But then things went bad, and I made a run for it. Likely not the most mature or responsible decision, but at 28 years of age, what can you expect?

& I do not regret any of it, not one moment. However I have had to begin anew, which sounds poetic, but is really more hectic, messy, and uncomfortable.

So the premise of this weblog, is me struggling with the feat of getting back on my feet again, and having a kitchen of my own once more. Possibly someday a commercial one. & the microwave reference regards the fact that the bulk of the cooking done to order on the line at the Diner, was (& I suppose, still is) preformed in a microwave…

Yes, I know, there is always such a delightfully judgmental response to the mere idea. But please do recall that the place was established in the tail end of the 80’s when the micro was still pretty new and cool, and in the years to come, it was observed that there were actually elements of the building’s construction that prevented the installation of a hood, and therefore any sort of open flame for cooking, so there.

It is now my goal to publish a cookbook of the Diner’s recipes, that can be made at home, with or without a microwave – I haven’t the time to get into the scope of the Diner’s menu, but it is divine, and it would do the world a great bit of good to have this food on the table.


2 thoughts on “About microwaves…

  1. Joe says:

    What! Are you the one responsible for the Klingon Blood Wine?

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