A suggestion…

A friend of mine, who worked at the Diner, years before I ever showed up, suggested that perhaps I  “could extend Pneumatic Diner as a metaphor for DIY food culture in general”. Which I think is a really great idea, tho I am still not quite sure how to go about it, yet.

The concept of Do It Yourself – in respect to food is a highly faceted situation.  The reason I get upset at work so often (though I am progressively better at hiding it, I like to think) is that people just do not understand how difficult it is to supply food to the masses!

Everyone assumes its just something I do for amusement or something, rather than an endless, and often nearly thankless battle against the odds…It is survival, pure and simple, and the concept of DIY is the possible beginning of individuals taking responsibility for that. This is the point where I could meander off onto a dozen different tangents, but its late, so I will only mention that not only cooking, but growing should also be covered, eventually. Mebe not in the first addition, as one should only write what one knows, & I have had scant successes with growing much more than occasional houseplants (a few young trees in Reno may have survived, tho that would be largely thanks to Toby), but I do plan to learn!

Which is the last important note to be made. I want there to be a sense of accessibility to all of this, which is why I think successive editions might be the way to go, so more detailed aspects can be covered individually.  From indoor tomato gardens, to gluten free naan – I just feel like the Diner’s recipes are such likely stepping stones to other places altogether. & that, when I think of writing and publishing the book, it is something I like to picture as being continual & ongoing. It’s not like I want to just write the thing & then be done with it, I want to immerse my life in food, as mindfully & artfully as possible!

(Oh, & please do not forget the music & wine! Thanks…)


One thought on “A suggestion…

  1. mitchell haag says:

    u rock rya

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