New Page Coming!

Hello, my utterly neglected blog!

I do miss the time we used to spend together…

But that was back when I lived a simple life in California, & though I have made a few half hearted attempts to show up on the digital page again, but it typically reads much like the above few lines;

So sorry, it has been so long – but I am going to try again!

And then I forget about it all once more.

I think that a big part of the problem is that I have lost my focus point around which any writing would center. Originally this was an idea cooked up with my best friend, Pepper & I, in hopes of getting me cooking again, or at least contemplating cooking. After loosing my restaurant, I got lost in a sea of malaise and microwaveable box foods, which was rough, but I think Pepper was even more concerned about me loosing interest in the cookbook I had dreamed of, and even rough drafted. And then we saw Julie & Julia and the idea to just blog – rather than trying to confront the more epic scope of an entire book, began to seem pretty appealing.

So just for a quick review – I AM cooking again, professionally even! I have been running the kitchen at Rainbow Foods here in Juneau, Alaska – for the past 4 months or so, which has been very gratifying, challenging, & occasionally terrifying or disheartening – but I am sticking with it – and I am very grateful for such a wonderful opportunity. I am also pleased that many recipes from my still largely unfinished cookbook have come in very handy in my new kitchen as well!

Who knows, perhaps I will even pick up blogging about the wild world of food once more – but for the moment, I have a more pressing matter.

I have a wedding to plan & organize – so for my next trick – I am going to set up a fresh domain, just for the wedding, where friends and family can find current information on what the heck the plan is here.

So here we go  – wish me luck!


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