The Great Reconstruction

Hello old friend! I have come back to you for assistance…
I woke up today with a hangover, in a room that seems to have exploded into chaos while I wasn’t looking! I just finished a one month house sitting gig, that was such a wonderful experience – taking care of two beautiful labs (Charlie & Boo, they’s my bitches!) and two crazy cats (Indie & Addy, the tiny Snow Leopards), in the most gorgeous house I have ever stayed in. & I been some pretty nice places in my day…
But I packed up in a hurry with the ever present surplus of liquor boxes any decent bar tender can always rustle up in a pinch – threw it all in the back of my truck, drove us all off the island and back to the Highlands – then spent the next few days working a pretty busy weekend AND going out dancing afterwards, which is not the norm for me these days.
So I feel so blessed and lucky, but I also feel like I have been hung over all weekend – and this is the biggest mess I have ever made in this room. I don’t even know where to begin… Especially since I just need to move again soon! I have a good solid month to plan it all out and make it happen, but being on a regular schedule of working 6 nights a week doesn’t make for much spare time, or reserves of energy. So I came here to th Press to hash things out a bit and begin this heroic feat of house keeping right here in me noggin’.
The floor is covered in half full boxes, so I intend to organize them and fill them further. There is sooo much “stuff” that is really just in my possession because it is pretty. It makes me happy to have some pretty things about, but they can go safely into boxes today, & said boxes can go on the shelf space they leave behind. The real tricky part is when you get to the moderately useful stuff, which you then have to decide whether or not you can manage without for a month… which of course you can, but it seems so much more dubious when the boxes come out. Things begin to have more gravity when there are boxes on the loose.
But I will be brave, I will pick and choose – and I think I will even start taking down some art, which is yet another symbolic and vaguely morose undertaking. I suppose just keeping in mind the next new room, and how happy our reunion will be on the other side of all this mess will help me to endure. Yes, this will be the room to stay in for the winter! I am so excited! It is big, with a vaulted ceiling, it is in a house full of friends, and it is back on the beautiful island that I have fallen in love with over the past month or so. Douglas is amazing and gorgeous, and covered in trails, just waiting to be explored! Ever since I was a bitty, I have always loved trails and waterfalls, and this place is absolutely riddled with them!
Alright, so I’m feeling a bit more pumped, and a little less headachy (The Saint cider, the most benevolent hair of the dog has helped there). Now I just have to turn this chair around and take a look at the mess with a more critical eye. Organization is really key when it comes to boxes.

OK then, here we go…

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