Yesterday my pal/landlord lent me his oldskool big-screen to use in my room. The result was that my cluttery little cave has been transformed into a movie theatre/computer laboratory, which, in case you aren’t sure, it utterly awesome. I geeked out on Netflix, the movie Stranger Than Fiction,(<3) and my favourite, Neopets Solitaire, which SUCKS if you have to roll the screen down each time you play a card…. but now my aspect ratio is so huge – it’s like I can see the entire tinterweb all at once!!! Which honestly had me laughing maniacally with glee at several intervals last night.

So then this morning I thought to my self, (Self, I thought) You could totally watch th news, like you used ta! But I am also reading Stephen King”s Cujo at the moment, which is 1. kind of cool, like playing some old vinyl 45s…& 2. not nearly so scary as th news these days.

Cujo wins.


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