So things are getting strange again. I am getting ready to move for the umpteenth time in my life (& realistically, this is probably move number 30-something, to commemorate my 35th birthday?) and I don’t really know where I am going to live at all! I have a friend I can stay with for the summer, and the local housing market really opens up in the fall, but I still just don’t know what is going to work for me any more.

All I want is a nice warm little place, where I could safely spend the winter, and if deemed worthy, mebe even get a pup. But I have MS now, which changes things – and the idea of simply living alone has lost a lot of it’s allure. But at the same time, I really suck at sharing a kitchen.

Anyhow, I am kind of just throwing myself out there, and kicking myself out of yet another relationship as well. At least his mother and daughter will be here to help him pick up the pieces, and at other least I’m not just being silly and flighty this time. I won’t get into the details here, but the time is definitely nigh. Spread the ol’ wings and fly. I just hope they still work…


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