Tenative Return

Hello again, my little blog… once again, it has been a while.

But I think I have gotten to the bottom of at least one of my reservations to writing…which is that all my posts were getting shared on my wall over at the Facebook, which at first seemed like a good idea, but over time has only made me nervous. Because at the end of the day, I signed up here at the Press, just so I would have a place to write. A safe place, if you will.

Of course there are bigger applications for blogging that I did want to incorporate, recipes and restaurant stuff, but I just haven’t gotten that organized yet. Life is what happens while yr making other plans…

And while were on that subject – life has been having some happenings around here! I have neglected to blog over the last 6 months or so,which would have covered the conversion of Latino’s into Rockwell – from taco joint to banquet hall in 80 days! Well, to make a long story short, the whole thing kind of fell through on me… They are still up and running, and the transition itself did not go so bad, but once we were left with the task of establishing the new normal for the place, everyone seemed to be on a different page.

The project was not what I had hoped it might be, and I was not really the person they needed… so they demoted me (ouch! that stings…!) and left me with a rather untenable wage, so I found another job. I hit the streets, papering every place doing anything with food or coffee with my resume, just looking for an entry-level counter job, just to pay the bills. And I was lucky enough to get a gig at the Rookery, where we have the best coffee in town (yeah Stumptown), and also do pastries, brunch and lunch from a small kitchen upstairs.

It has been such a treat, being able to do work that I truly enjoy, with people that are intelligent and kind, and I have learned so much, about stuff I never knew brfore, but more remarkably, about stuff I thought I knew how to do, but was really kind of missing the mark for the last ten years or so. Like, for instance, making lattes, which I have always loved to do – but had been doing all wrong the whole time! Also there is focaccia and pizza dough, which is rather therapeutic to work with, I have done baguettes before, but learning different doughs has given me a much better understanding of the whole bread-baking process, which is a fairly magical thing.

So I have been very grateful, and doing my best to do a good job, and along came a new twist in the road… We just got the best chef in town, and we are starting full service dinners this weekend! I’ll be helping set up the front of the house operations, so I am not in the kitchen, but the chef has all of that under control – and I only hope to get a chance to learn some of his tricks in time. But for now I will be much more helpful out front, and even that seems to have become some big, fundamental healing process for me after my demotion blues… & interestingly enough, our Grand (dinner) Opening just so happens to coincide with Shaver’s Deathiversary, and why not, let’s just throw in my period too, just for kicks.

So I’ve been a bit out of sorts, nervous about the new endeavor, trying to make peace with the past – and, as usual, pretty much loosing track of the present. But not nearly as badly as I had done at Rockwell, where I had pretty much just written off my personal life, & even the basic fact that I was a human, which needs sleep and food! At the moment I am in the middle of a rare three-days-off sort of mini vacation, and then I’ll be working my tail off for the next couple of weeks. But I really think we have a great foundation to work with, complete with an already up-and-running POS system, and the new menu is a revelation for this food starved town. Elegant without being pretentious, really good pricing, and more kinds of animals than you can shake a stick at! The three standards are well represented, chicken, pork, and beef, but also duck and lamb, and even some vegetarian options. It is going to be great – and all I have to do is set help set up a procedure and flow for the service end of the deal, and I think we will have a good groove going in short order.

But I’m still really nervous – and writing makes me feel better – so here I am, I found the button to keep my posts off of FB (unless I come up with something worth showing off), and now that I will be on a steady schedule of dinner shifts, I think I will actually have more time and improved sleep-patterns! Hell, I might even start making some decent money in tips! Will wonders never cease!

Well, we shall see, and I intend to keep you posted… even if I never get any cookbook published (tho I really ought to, one of these days) I will have a fine record of my adventures in restauranteuring, for posterity.


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