The White Flag

And now for a word on new year’s resolutions. It is now nearly February, and as tradition would have it – I am officially giving up on mine. My hope was that I would finally take some time to make progress on my cookbook. I put all the necessary materials in plain sight, and arranged the manuscript on my computer desktop in bite sized pieces to work with. & in that first week of this month, I did get a couple of good days where I reread the material and made some editing notes. But that’s about it.

Since then I have joined a young upstart school that is based in ecology and human psychology – and just recently, there has been word of a possible job opportunity. A new kitchen! Which would be the ideal thing for me to be doing, professionally – but I know full well that a project like that will be taking up the bulk of my time, and any extra time I might be able to eke out will have to go towards the U of Earth classes.

So I surrender – it’s just not going to happen right now. The cookbook, that is. And that certainly doesn’t mean that I am giving up on the thing entirely – just that it needs a bit more gestation time. Because really, if I do end up with a whole new kitchen to work with, there is no telling what new things I will be learning from the experience. Which is kind of the underlying theme of the book – using professional tricks to cut down on waste in the kitchen at home. Wasted food and time. My hope is that if it seemed easier for people to approach cooking from scratch, then folks might try it more often.

Oh, and the final hitch in my now-abandoned resolution, is that I can’t afford to do much recipe testing! I have not had room in my budget to justify the purchase of saffron for months now. Selah~


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