American Censorship

Tomorrow my website will be blacked out, in protest of the two bills currently being rushed through legislation; SOPA and PIPA. I don’t think that too many people would notice my site being down, but I just tried to look something up on the Wiki and it wasn’t there! Must be on east-coast time… But that was really frustrating.

The point here is that we actually stand to loose such wonderful resources as Wikipedia and You Tube (what the hell would you do without You Tube!?).  There are two sides to this coin; one – these bills would prohibit, or allow, information to be accessible to you. There will be some gaggle of dudes (or is that a herd?) in a room somewhere deciding whether or not you are allowed to know a thing or not, & they will also be deciding for you, what you may or may not say/post/or otherwise upload.

That is called censorship.

Conversely, they will also be pushing some contrived view of reality in your face. I guess the premise here is that the entertainment industry should hold the reins of the infinite web(?)…as if!

But finally, there are the logistics, which are; that they would have to dick around with the very foundation of the internet in order to implement these regulations. Which is kind of like fucking with nature – to “improve” it, or whatever? It never works out in the end…


One thought on “American Censorship

  1. very well said. This act is really stupid and lame.

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