New Develpoments

It sounds like there are new things coming around from The Daily Post at WordPress, but I have not heard any specifics from them yet. & I typically do not like to treat my Blog like a public diary – I prefer to stick to larger topics than myself, but there is a lot going on around me these days. And actually, these events do not involve me directly, but they do affect me quite strongly!

The first is the birth of my best friend’s child. A little boy named Ilian! I had been betting on a girl, but I am just as pleased either way. Apparently it was a difficult birth, and I am so happy, grateful and proud that everyone came out of it OK. So a big congratulations to Pep, Craig, and little Ilian – good life!

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, Sam’s Nan has approached her final days, she seems to be hanging on to be able to spend time with her grand-kids, but Sam has not been able to make the trip. Until now. It has finally all gotten figured out, thanks to his mom, and he will be flying off to England tomorrow, to spend two weeks with his Nan, and Mum, and rest of his family. He will also be there for his birthday which I think is nice, and doubly good, since I can’t quite afford to get him a present, but should get paid before he returns…

Of course I will miss him while he is away, but this is so important for him to do, and he and I are used to time apart. That’s why the good lord made texting. And two weeks a-solo will be good for me to finally get around to all the things I have been putting off for months now. Those last dregs of unpacking, and hopefully a new wave of organization! My office is an insane pile of books, papers, computer bits, clothes, and even random pots and pans and bowls that have not found a home in the kitchen yet.

And then there is the manuscript. It was my New Year’s resolution to get some progress going there – and I am proud to report that I have begun one document of original text for reference, and a second doc for editing notes. The two pages of reading and half page of notes has already begun to define the new direction for the book. Which is kind of a relief.

Now I just gotta keep going.


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