Year In Review

Alright well, there was no topic posted for New Years Eve, or if there was, I didn’t get the memo.

So I just thought I would recap the year that I had, and also wrap up the Post A Day challenge, for my own sense of closure. The main sentiment I’ve noticed for this New Year seems to be “good riddance to 2011”, & indeed, it was a challenging year. I feel quite blessed to have managed to steer clear of any major weather events or earthquakes (knock on wood), and the financial crisis did not impact me to seriously either (as of yet… & I am still unemployed).

These are certainly interesting times where so much upheaval has become the norm. But I think that the reason I can look back on 2011 with good cheer, and even a sense of pride, is that in the midst of all the chaos that did come my way, I was able to make some very positive transitions in my life and surroundings.

I actually had to look at my daily planner for the year, to even remember where the hell I was last January – this is why I write everything down! I was living in Truckee, with my Dad and little sister, and my dog. And at work, we were just opening the kitchen for the Crescent Cafe in New Moon Natural Foods.

Now that is easily one of my life’s greatest accomplishments, thus far. I was very privileged to have the opportunity to design so much of the actual kitchen – and though I am sure there are things I could have done better, it seems to work well enough. The last I heard, the store is expanding yet again, which I hope will create more dining space for the cafe, and seating for the juice and wine bar!

Which reminds me, buying the wine for New Moon was also very satisfying. I know my co-workers didn’t always appreciate that I got to drink on the job. When my reps came to visit, we would sit down for a chat and I would taste a flight of selections… sometimes it was too busy to stop my work, and I would then just keep making drinks and food, while tasting. Which actually isn’t against health code, as long as you are washing your hands each time before you go back to serving the public. But honestly, how great is that job? Answer: pretty great.

I passed that position on to a nice young man who is much more qualified than I was, and I can only imagine that he is more responsible about the drinking on the job bit as well. The kitchen was also handed along to two very fine cooks that I’m sure are making many delicious new things. Which is a nice way to leave a job, to know that you made a real, significant difference, and that your work will continue to prosper, even with out you.

Then I met Sam, on Valentines Day, of all things, and then spent much of the rest of the year getting to know him, planning ways to spend time with him, and generally falling in love. Which I suppose could sound cliche, but it happened, and I’m glad it did!

I visited Sam in the spring, again in the summer, and then moved up in the fall. That all sounds pretty simple, but considering that the commute was from California to Alaska, it was actually quite a bit of work. So now I am here, and though I am without my dog and some larger personal belongings, there is a plan for Dad and his girlfriend to come up in the spring and bring Mu and a U-Haul full of my things. Which would make my life just about complete, except for the whole job thing.

I had hoped to make more progress on my cookbook during my time off, but I hadn’t realized how much more work it would take to get this house in order. Especially the kitchen, on which I have only made a fraction of the progress I had hoped for. But that’s OK, things are as they are, and just because something is more complicated than you had imagined, it does not mean you give up, it means you knuckle down.

My New Year’s Resolution is to work on the cookbook manuscript, and so today I cut and pasted all of my text into a new document so I can approach it without being distracted and overwhelmed by all the recipes! Typically, if I can just get the ball rolling on a project, I do alright.

There is a lot of other stuff to be done besides the book and kitchen. Daisy’s room needs some work, and I really want to get these windows in my office re-sealed and insulated before the Taku Winds arrive. There is also the Christmas tree to take down…

I am actually a bit overwhelmed with all the projects that need doing, and on top of that, I plan to start taking classes through the University of Earth, which has promise of becoming a whole new line of work for me, as a teacher or mentor. And no, I don’t really consider my self to be Mentor status, but after you complete the program, you can train to become one, which sounds pretty cool to me…

And finally, for the Post A Day challenge. It has been great fun and very inspiring. It is also probably the closest I have come to doing something fairly productive, every day of the year. If nothing else, it has been a fantastic writing exercise, and very educational as well – in a variety of ways!

In the year to come, I plan to blog mostly about the cookbook, and probably the U of Earth program as well, but I expect that much of my time on the keyboard will be geared more towards typing up book content and doing editing, as well as working on U of Earth writing assignments. So my Facebook wall will be much more sparse, which may come as a relief to my FB friends, that probably think it was pretty egotistical of me to be blathering on like I have, day after day. And it was, but that’s Facebook for you.

Much thanks to my best friend and reader, Pepper of Oz, and to WordPress for all the good work that went into creating the Post A Day Challenge! Happy New year!

♥ ♪♫


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