As the number above points out, my skills at counting leave much to be desired. As there are 365 days in a year, I’m 8 topics short for offering you a topic a day for the entire year How lame – I’m hanging my head in shame right now (Before you tell me it should be 9, remember there’s one more for tomorrow).

But this does offer us a good topic for the day: what ordinary skill are you bad at? Maybe its tying your shoelaces, or parallel parking cars, but we all have something very simple that we just don’t do very well. Write about yours.

First off, I think Scott did a great job supplying topics (nearly) each and every day… It was the only thing that kept me writing here (almost) each day!

The main thing in my life right now that I am just no good at is killing boss bad guys in video games. I totally spaz out and loose all control of my character. I have actually never won a single video game in my my life. Which means I am obviously, not a gamer. But I have been playing Skyrim, which is pretty awesome, and it’s set up to play at your own pace, and you can choose what you do or do not want to get involved in. Still, I have to put the settings on novice or I get my ass totally brutalized, repeatedly.



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