In Seattle, WA, several fights broke out at stores selling the new Air Jordan sneaker. Like for many holiday sales, people began lining up the day before to reserve a spot and ensure they got the sneakers.

Would you ever wait in line overnight for something? If so, what?

The new underlying theme of Christmas seems to be a certain quiet desperation. & I kind of think that this is America’s doing. Either everyone is freaking out about gifts and sales, or you have too much family coming, or perhaps you are all alone – any which way, you never end up with the charming Hollywood Christmas, where Steve Martin is your dad and he gives a clever, if somewhat raunchy toast over a perfectly basted turkey, or is that a ham?

I would only fight over shoes if I was homeless in Seattle, and the only thing I wait all night for is a sunrise, which no one needs to queue up for, and fighting over such a thing would be…silly.



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