Scientists claim they may have discovered a particle called Higgs-Boson, which if found, may explain more about how matter in the universe works. Do you think it will be found?

It seems that the good folks at CERN have probably already found it, they just need to reproduce the experiment to make sure their findings are not simply a “statistical fluke”. As much as we are still waiting on empirical evidence of the particle, the Higgs-Boson has been put to theoretical use since the sixties. Much like gravity, the Higgs-Boson creates an event that is observable, yet the particle itself remains elusive.

The reason it is called the God particle, is that it leads to an occurance where particles that have no mass, such as the particles left behind from the Big Bang, grow heavy and actually create mass? This get’s tricky, since the Conservation of Mass states that matter cannot be created or destroyed – however this apparently only applies to an isolated system. & it seems to me that the Big Bang was just about the opposite of isolation.

So there was nothing – but then that blew up, causing a residual bit of something – and those little somethings started swarming around and attracting each other, thereby making more stuff. So they call it the God particle in the lightest sense of the word, and mean no harm to anyone’s religious views.

What is interesting here, is that this is yet another bit of physics that points to an occurrence that is pretty incredible, but the scientific community is remiss to ever get too carried away about anything, and then the religious crowd gets all uppity and defensive. But in my eyes some of the greatest wonders of God are exemplified and even elegantly described by the quirky tendencies of sub-atomic particles. Yet all parties are so hesitant to believe in any of the findings, much less their implications. I think a more lighthearted and curious approach to science and spirituality could be a more effective way to go, which could possibly even bring the two factions into agreement.



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