Write about your oldest friend. Where did you meet? When did you become friends? Why do you think your friendship has lasted for so long?

My oldest friend is sooooo old – we have been friends for seven-hundred-thousand years, at least.

In this incarnation, we first met in middle school, and we did not like each other very much initially. Or rather, I think we just freaked each other out, with us both being such strong personalities, it took a few years before we decided to be regular friends. And from there on out, we have been freaking out everyone else around us 🙂

She is currently in Oz, awaiting the arrival of the Bitty Enchilada that she’s been putting together for the past 9 months, and if there was a Santa Claus of airline tickets, I’d petition him for a week with her in the land of down under to be a part of the grand arrival. However, I know that we will catch up again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Our friendship has lasted so long because we can be so far apart, and still naturally stay on the same page. We randomly have correlating experiences, so that when we do get the luxury of actually hanging out in person, we have plenty to talk about, and can still relate to one another with effortless ease.


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