How do you decide on new year’s resolutions? Have you ever gone back to evaluate previous resolutions, and why they worked or didn’t work out for you? What did you learn?

My first guideline for New Year’s resolutions is to do something, rather than try to quit anything. This year my resolution is to get back into my manuscript, and to get more organized in my office and kitchen, which goes along with working on the book.

I know a lot of folks go for the weight loss goal, or to quit smoking, drinking, what have you. I have yet to see this be terribly successful. On the other hand, I am having a hard time recalling any of my resolutions that really changed my life. But I think that just having a general idea of where you want  to be headed, teamed up with the fresh energy of a new year, can be quite helpful.

I mean, you are going to forget about the resolution sometime in February anyhow, so rather than being put in a situation where you will be beating up on yourself for not sticking to it, you can look back and say, well hell, I cleaned the basement, or whatever it is – and have a sense of accomplishment, rather than remorse.

Just remember that the possibilities for a life are nearly endless, especially while you are young (I think 32 still qualifies as young, I occasionally even get carded for smokes…) so just pick a direction and take those first steps. Who knows where it might take you!


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