Big Screen Seating

When you go to an movie theater, do you prefer it to be empty so can sit anywhere you like? Or do you prefer a packed house like on opening night? When you can sit anywhere, where do you sit and why?

I like to sit in the back, tho I have begun to expand my horizons to sitting a bit more in the center, for a fuller movie experience. But I like the back, and feel uncomfortable when other people are too close or in my way.

However, the most fun I’ve had watching a movie was The Dark Knight, in the little cinema in King’s Beach. It was packed, and everyone was laughing and cheering, and when it turned out that Gordon was still alive, the crowd went wild. Even though my date at the time was like, “duh, of course he was still alive” the crowds enjoyment drown out this persons cynicism. So that was nice, but a pretty isolated movie going event…


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