What was the best book or movie of the year? Think of all the books you read, or movies you saw, and write a review of your favorite (or favorites).

I was trying to think of the top standouts of the year, and I’m afraid I didn’t come up with much… but in poking around the web for inspiration, I did find that the final installment of the Wicked series had been released, called Out of Oz. So I’m excited to read that, and I am currently enjoying King’s 11/22/63, about the assassination of JFK.

But my reading for the year has not been up to par – it’s been a busy time for me, with a big move in the middle of it all. I have also been a bit short on cash, so I can’t afford a whole lot of movies, Sucker Punch was pretty good, and I also liked Contagion, despite it’s rather heavy tone & content.

But that’s about all that comes to mind, at the moment…



One thought on “Stories

  1. Rya says:

    P.S. Cowboys and Aliens was pretty awesome too!

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