Lost In Translation

Write a sequel to your favorite movie. It can be a synopsis, just a few sentences. What happens next? What can you imagine would be the future of the characters, and key decisions they’d have to make? How can you imagine it working out?

I have a few favorite movies, but I think the one that leaves the most to speculation would be Lost In Translation. There are a lot of possibilities for both of the main characters, Charlotte and Mr. Bob Harris.

I would like to see Miz Charlotte come into her own a bit more, obviously – & to live through her vicariously for a second here, I would like her to find a project or profession that is really satisfying to her personally. And lucrative, why not? But more than the money – and the sense of autonomy that that can provide, I think there is a fine portrait painted by Sofia Coppola, of  how so many women rely not only on our men, but also the traditions regarding what a marriage and and a successful life ought to look like.

All I’m saying is that the whole notion of “happily ever after” does not mean that you can just drop the reins and spend the next 60 years basking in your glory. Glory requires getting gotten. Get some.

But I digress.

Mr. Bob Harris, on the other hand, has a more complicated situation on his hands. Where Charlotte’s canvas remains blank and fresh, Bob’s is a tangle of years and decisions. And how do you ever really know if you have made the best decision? Or where said decision might lie on a scale of one to ten, roughly even?

That success does not guarantee happiness, would perhaps be the underlying theme with Bob. But what is a guy to do when the kids are still small, and we all just want to make nice – but no one is really happy. And here we find the taboo end of the marriage stick – divorce. When do you make that call? & then there are all of the judgements to endure, from friends and family, the clergy, society at large, and last but never least, yourself.

However Bob would decide to handle it, I think it is clear that a change is in order. You know – I think counseling works, sometimes…

I guess the tricky bit would be whether or not Bob and Charlotte meet again (& they would have to, to warrant the filming of the sequel), perhaps at an art gallery or something random. But I think they had a little too much spark, to effectively just be friends. Sometimes just being a catalyst for another person is all that is necessary.

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