Explain your strategy for life. Why are you here? What do you hope to achieve? What matters most to you, at work, at play, or at home? How did you come to develop your approach to living? Which parents, friends, aliens or spirits influenced your choices about how to live?

I have always had a rather elusive life plan, with more of a set of ideals, rather than specific goals. For instance, I have always dreamed of travel, but so far I have only toured the North American continent. Future travel plans include England, where my boyfriend’s family is, Australia, where my best friend lives, and Japan, where I have always dreamed of visiting. But beyond that, I am pretty much open for anything. I kind of want to see it all, but I’m not sure how probable that is…

As far as home life goes, my ideal has been to have a home that I can always return to after travel, which means I would prefer to own my own house and land. As much as travel is an important goal, I am really more of a homebody on the day to day front. When I think of my overall life plan, what immediately comes to my mind’s eye is a vision of home that is clean, accommodating, and classy.

This house is actually a perfect candidate, in theory, tho I don’t know how we might ever afford to buy the thing… But it is the perfect size for a few kids, pets, and there is ample room for gardens and a greenhouse. The kitchen could also be ideal, but it would have to be gutted and retrofitted first, gas range, new cabinets, and a new bigger fridge (& hot water heater!). We would also have to redo the entire electrical system, and I would like to integrate some green technology in that regard.

Professionally, I want to write, and do hope to eventually get published – hell, Julia Child herself didn’t get a book deal until she was nearly 50… I would also like to run another restaurant of my own, that was actually pretty fun, at times. & very satisfying, overall.

Spiritually, I am a Buddhist, and my current game is to not give anyone any conclusive reason to begrudge me. Be kind and play nice. I have taken instruction on this matter from Siddhartha, Jesus, the Dali Lama, as well as a variety of inter-dimensional beings, such as Kryon, Merlin, The Group, Gaia, Kuan Yin, Kirael, and a variety of Brotherhoods – but only of the most benevolent variety (where’s my Sisterhoods at?).

But all in all, I just want to live and love and laugh, (& dance!) work hard for good causes, and take it easy the rest of the time. I hope to spend the remaining duration with my Sam, as well as Daisy, and possibly some additional little ones.  If there is an overall objective to my life, I would have it be to make the world a generally better place, and to help improve the quality of the Earth’s overall food-chain.



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