What is something you always talk about, but never do? Why is it often on your mind? Why does it never happen?

Writing the cookbook! & it is put off for all of the standard reasons; daily life keeps me busy, I’m stumped on where to go with it next, and the old manuscript has become such a relic, I’m not sure where to start in on it…

I do have an idea to get the ball rolling though, which is something I only thought up the other day. The meat manifesto! The book was originally all vegetarian, but that is no longer my lifestyle, and I have been reading enough Bourdain to become somewhat newly biased. So I am thinking of writing about the importance of meat in general, as well as the importance of choosing good meat. & then adding suggestions as to which recipes could have a bit o’ flesh added in, and how.

So I think that drafting that section, and figuring out where to add it into the rest of the text will help me get going again. In my defense, I have gotten some noticeable progress made with setting up the kitchen, and I have worked with a handful of recipes, and I’ve handwritten several pages of notes, but the Word document remains untouched, thus far.


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