Crazy Stuff in China

Google Maps contains satellite photos of nearly every part of the earth, which sometimes reveals unusual objects, landscapes and structures. Recently a series of unusual, and apparently manmade, grids and structures was discovered in China.

Pick one of the images and make up a story about what you think it is, or what it’s designed to do. You can either take a realistic guess, or make up a story about ancient civilizations, space aliens, or whatever your imagination desires.

You can see the other photos here.

I think these are all quite interesting…here’s another link to the story that has a few more photos:

The bulls-eye target made out of old planes and army vehicles is pretty cool, and I think it shows that there may not be a simple common element between the forms, beyond the Chinese having some good old scientific fun in the Gobi desert…

Aside from the two target like forms, and then a few water features that remind me of a particle accelerator, like the Tevatron at Fermilab.

And then there is the grid form over grey sand, or possibly water – it’s remarkably hard to tell what that actually is a satellite picture of… even aside from the stange, 18 mile long grid. There is a lot of speculation that this one is similar to the HAARP Research Station that is actually right up here, in Alaska! Well not right here, it’s more up around Anchorage, but what they do is basically study the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, in hopes of finding some nifty communications or military applications.

However I think the two sites look considerably different. For one, the grid in China is over 10 times bigger than the one here, and who knows, mebe bigger is better… but I think the lines of the Chinese grid look much more like roads, whereas the HAARP arrangement is made of wires and antennas.

All the same, there is certainly an experimental and scientific sort of a theme going on here, to be sure, with a top note of target practice with a really big freaking gun. That’s cool…

But then! Finally! Alien communication! The white squiggly ones are the best by far. Even the round bulls-eye is vaguely crop-circle-esque. However, these more artistic pieces remind me very much of kanji:

But what are they saying? Are they talking to Greys, or a more benevolent race? & really, who am I to judge? I just live here.


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