Why does corruption exist? Can it be stopped? What can bloggers do to help?

As I was saying yesterday, I think that corruption is part and parcel of human nature.

I think it comes from the fear of not having enough, which is the survival mentality that has been pretty necessary over the millenia…

But I am a pretty fruity optimist, and I do think that in time corruption can be naturally overcome. I also think that bloggers do play a part in this evolution, as blogging is the most freelance of public writing. Never before has there been such a powerful and accessible forum for the written word. And without the fear of loosing any patron (thank you WordPress, for being available gratis and for being so darn welcoming!) blogging has become something of a vanguard for journalism.

I think that uncensored information is key to equality in the world. If no one knows whats going on, there is little to be done, & without knowledge, you can’t even form a decent opinion on an issue.

Corruption prefers to fester and grow behind locked doors, so as long as there are intrepid bloggers out there (and many of us do janitorial work on the side, which can often give one access to the keys, that open the doors, that would otherwise not open to us) writing about what they see and hear in a day, we can learn about the goings on in the world, with out having to endure the bias of the Fixed News channel.

(Of course I am not promoting the notion of shuffling through yer bosses filing cabinets, that would be illegal, just keep yer eyes and ears open, kids.)



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