Someone suggested we don’t have enough topics about world economics here on dailypost. I looked through the history, and by george, he’s right.

So today we are going to do a topic about the Euro.

What is the future of the Euro? With all the trouble in Greece, Spain and Italy, do you think the currency will survive? Do you understand why there are multiple currencies in the world? Do you wonder why there isn’t just one kind of currency? Do you think your nation’s money is better looking, or worse, than other nations?

Far be it for me to guess the fate of the Euro – but I do think that the one sure thing, in economies around the world, is that things are changing. Out with the old and in with the new! I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of a global currency, especially since it would probably be a mostly digital scheme. Numbers stored on-line and in computers, with nothing tangible to hold, and count, and stash under the mattress.

I think that it is appropriate for different regions to have separate currencies, as long as there is such a range in the strengths of the various economies. Ideally, we might be able to find a balance among the global economy – but we’ve got a ways to go on that one.

I am personally quite fond of American currency, probably since I was diligently trained from a very early age to worship the stuff. But I do enjoy the green-ness of it, I find very colorful money rather gaudy… and I really like silver coins, not just for their monetary value, but artistically and historically as well.


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