When is it ok not to practice the golden rule?

I suppose there are two sides to this. The first is, that the Golden Rule is good to remember all through the day, as you go about your business. One of my pet peeves is when people walk around, totally oblivious to others. & I’m just talking spatially here…this is most easily observed in grocery stores. Everyone is so wrapped up in their own thoughts and grocery lists, that they just don’t look out for other humans. I also find that if you happen to be an employee, you become even more invisible…unless of course someone can’t find something, or broke a bottle of something for you to clean up.

The second aspect to the golden rule, is trying to hold to it when you are truly provoked or distressed, but I think it is important to continue following “the rule”, even in difficult situations. Even if you can’t quite pull it off, at least attempting to put yourself in your opponent’s shoes can give you valuable perspective on a conflict.

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