The Headwaters Forest Reserve

Have you ever protested for anything? What was the cause? If you haven’t, what would it take for you to go stand up and protest for (or against) something?

I did, I did! I protested against selling the Headwaters to Pacific Lumber, I believe it was. The Headwaters are one of the last old growth redwood groves left…anywhere.

So It would be a shame to see them too, end up as very lovely wall paneling. I have never been to this grove, and the chances are that neither have you. People come to marvel at the huge-ness of Humboldt County’s redwoods, as there are plenty of trees, so large that the center of the base of tree has died, but two or more sides survive, so that you can walk underneath their bulk. And there are even a few you can drive a car through – and even these are in second growth stands.

Old growth redwoods predate big baby Jesus – and I can only imagine their size. You have to do a fair bit of four-wheel driving, down logging roads, of course – and you have to really know where you are going, to find the Headwaters. It is one of the last standing habitats for the marbled murrelet, and the threatened coho salmon (yes, we have salmon in California, still – there’s at least two hundred left, I’m sure…).A bird...

So we all gathered at this farm off of Highway 36, kinda like Woodstock, and Bonnie Raitt played, & I somehow ended up painting little girls faces with butterflies, flowers and stars… but then we were all supposed to get arrested? Instead, I had to go to work, at a fucking Denny’s in McKinleyville – which the hippies considered a pretty weak excuse, but that’s what I did.

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