Drop yer Knee, not the Bomb

Would removing all guns from earth make us more or less safe?

Well, living in Alaska, it is hard to dispute one thing (among others) & that is, guns don’t kill people, guns kill deer – which are…delicious.

I think that as long as the human race remains omnivorous, which – now that we have hit the 7 billion mark, and much of the Earth’s terrain is simply not Agrarian friendly – guns are more or less a necessity (or at the very least a big help), & they do have a place in the world.

One thing I do think that we could absolutely do without, is nukes. The world would be an undisputedly safer place without nuclear arms.

Drop your knee not the bomb is an old telemark skier’s bumper-sticker slogan, in case you missed it, and it’s no fault of yours if you did. You have to drop your knee to make yer turns, very tricky business.


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