Veterans Day

Write a post honoring veterans, to celebrate veterans day (yes it’s a day late, but I bet you forgot so make good today).

Most nations have a day set aside to honor their veterans. If you don’t celebrate it on Nov 10th, write a post explaining the history of your veterans day.

Well it is actually Nov 11th… I have the hardest time keeping all of these holidays straight. On Memorial Day, we remember those who have fallen in battle – but Veteran’s Day is more of a celebration of all members of the military, past and present.

It really is true that America’s freedoms rest on the shoulders of the men and women who have fought for them. I think that this is something that is so easily taken for granted, and so rarely seen in the full global scope. Especially as a woman, if I had been born in a wide variety of other countries, my choices would have been a thousand times fewer. I have noted before, that the luxury we have as modern Americans, to pursue our own hopes and dreams, is nearly unprecedented.

I know that nothing comes handed on a silver platter with no strings attached, but if I can buy a restaurant at the ripe old age of twenty five – not because I had so much great experience, or because I had the capital to do so – but simply because it was what was important to my partners and I, than you can do what is most important to you as well.

& when it seems to difficult, or like too much of a bother, you would do well to take a moment and remember that thousands and thousands of lives have been put on the line, and often lost, just so you can sit there and muse over whether you would prefer to open a bakery, or write a novel.

The first time I heard the slogan, Freedom Isn’t Free, I bristled at the idea – but it is absolutely true, and since it comes at such a dear price, I believe it should be more highly prized, from day to day, and even minute to minute.

I would also like to add that returning veterans are due much more respect and assistance than they are generally given in this country. These men and women are highly skilled and dedicated persons, and we need to be offering them suitable employment, and better health care!


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