Did you have a secret hiding place as a child? Do you have one now?

I am a big fan of hiding – it is something I do often, and I do it well. So I was trying to think of my top hiding places, which is historically my room – but when I need to hide on the go, my go-to method, is in a pair of headphones.

It all began when I was little, with my parents records, and they had a gigantic, seventies style set of  Sony headphones that just about swallowed up my whole little-girl noggin. Later I discovered the joy of the Walkman and mix-tapes (I really miss those…), then it was CD’s, & now, let us all hail the iPod! Steve Jobs made many fine contributions to humanity – it could possibly be argued that he saved us from extinction by bringing quality technology to the masses – but it is the iPod that I am most indebted to him for, personally.

I think I’ll go take a walkabout with my pod right now, in fact – & in honor of.


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