Weird Science

Here’s something different for today.

Watch this 15 minute talk about bad science. And then write a brief review on your blog, or simply write about a topic that comes to mind from listening to his presentation.

First off, cool video…that was very well presented. & secondly – poor science… I have noticed that recently,  in the political arena – science seems to be largely frowned upon. Just give me the Old Testament, all the answers are there, right? Mmmm, wrong.

I love science, and I know it is not every0ne’s cup of tea, but I think that things like the scientific method, and also higher math equations are delightful creatures. I do not pretend to understand them entirely, but, as we see in this video – when someone who does understand all the graphs, numbers and squiggly symbols, finds something of note – and then reports on it, as scientists are wont to do (step 7, publish your findings) then they will usually write out said results in English. Or if not, you can likely find a translation, should English not be your first language (or the other way around, if they find something crazy in Japan, often someone will copy it into English for you – no, not you specifically).

Long story short, I think the cure for bad science is, full disclosure – a scientist should not be allowed to throw out data. The data is what makes it fucking science, already! I wouldn’t even know where to begin on enforcing that rule…it seems to me that the pharmaceutical companies are one and the same with the military-industrial complex, and when I say that I am being totally literal – if you look at multinational companies and their lobbying capabilities you can see a lot of back-scratching going on (no, I have no solid scientific data on this hypothesis).

I recognize that I can easily slip into sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but I would like to add that I am a very American one at that. No one is horrified, or even properly upset about any of this anymore, we’ve all been shell shocked by so much modern atrocity, on a global scale, that we have almost become bored with it all! Which is, of course, a terrible response – but that’s when the conspiracy theories come in handy. 2012, baby, and then it’s Apocalypse time, so all you wankers have one year left for all of your lying and bullshitting.

Enjoy it while  you can…


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