Nature vs. Nurture

What % of who and what you are is determined by genetics vs your own choices? Is it 50/50 or more or less of one?

Or should there be three numbers: your genetics, how you were raised, and your own choices (33/33/33 or 10/40/50).

I think that this too, can vary from person to person. I say this because all of my life, people that know me, and then meet one or both of my parents will always exclaim how much I look like them. I have always found this funny, because who the heck else would I look like?

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that we simply have very strong genetic traits in our family, particularly on my mother’s side. Newman characteristics (particularly our noses and, well, our butts – both of which tend to be pronounced) are easily recognizable throughout the collection of aunts, uncles and cousins. I also look a lot like my father, as does my baby sis, and apparently Ali looks a lot like Dad’s mom – though I never met the lady to verify for myself, and there are very few pictures of her.

I also feel that behavior is largely genetic, I have many of my parents social (or rather, anti-social) tendencies, and again, throughout the cousins, there is an array of habits that resonates amongst the clan. But then this is where the greatest differences arise, from each of our personal life experiences.

Whether this is related to our own decisions or our upbringing is a fairly hazy line, I think the two are so overlapping that I would clump them in the same category… So I would conclude that it is an average of a 50/50 split, with some wiggle room to account for having stronger or weaker genetic traits and/or personal life experiences. Some people will encounter traumatic experiences in life, sometimes repeatedly, or sometimes a single event, particularly in childhood, will mess with one’s head – and some people lead relatively peaceful lives.

It all depends…

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