Mom vs. Dad

Who is your favorite parent? And why?

Whoa! Hey… are you trying to get me in trouble here?

My parents are divorced, a process that took many years to finally reach a conclusion. I am the eldest sister, and so I was present for many years of quarreling. & I remember that my dad would always advise me not to play favorites. This is a rule of thumb that I still hold to this day, and I feel that it has served me well.

Both of my parents are a tad bit loco…there’s no getting around it. So there have been countless occasions where one parent has seemed very calm and sane, while the other has gone well off the deep end.

I suppose that in retrospect, each has had so many moments of glory, and demise – that they cancel each other out quite cleanly. My mother is very artistic and emotional – loving and nurturing, but then when she is having an off day, and tells you to can it, it can be a shock. Meanwhile Dad is largely the logical one, or analytical at least – if he ever has his own company, he wants to call it Idiot Savant, which sums up his approach to life quite nicely, though I don’t know how much of a draw that will be in the business world. It might work…

So essentially, my parents represent the archetypes for the masculine and feminine very concisely, and I have always felt that a balance of the two is pretty much what makes the world go round, with out wobbling on it’s axis too violently.

I love both of my parents very much – they have each made their fair share of mistakes, and they have both taught me great life-lessons, with their loving attention, as well as through their selfish lack thereof. I harbor no resentments. But then I have known the two of them since they were both just kids really, I think mom had me when she was 22 or 23, and Dad is only a year older, they were high school sweethearts, and I have watched them learn and grow immensely over the three decades that I have known them.

It seems to me that they have attained a balance, even while divorced, so that one will step in when the other has stepped out – & so I value their contributions equally.


One thought on “Mom vs. Dad

  1. Rya says:

    Well, I appreciate my candor…
    sometimes I forget I’m writing publicly?

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