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Well, no topic yet, and it’s nearly four in the afternoon my time. So in lieu of such guidance, I will indulge in some good ol’ narcissism… Only got about four hours sleep, up late making jell-o shots for a roller derby tournament this weekend. & the rain has finally gotten to me, it’s okay that it’s still out there doing it’s thing. But it makes me not want to leave the house…

Last night I opened the internet bill, and it was just shy of $700, so that gave me a scare… But I called and complained as resolutely and politely as possible and got it down to $300, with a promise to spend more money in the future. The whole “you can keep my business if you give me a fucking break, here” line. It worked all right, but the whole fiasco made me review my finances in a new light.

I got a call from my mom, saying she had stopped to check in on my dog, no one else was at the house, and Mu only said hi for a second, and then laid back down by the door of my old room and wouldn’t get up again. Hearing that pretty much broke my heart, and mom was quite worried as well. Granted she is a mother, and they can get more worked up about such matters than some…but her concern got me to go ahead and look into what possibilities there may be for getting the little guy up here (he is actually kind of big…).

The original plan has been for my dad to bring him up, with my remaining “big stuff” in the spring. I had thought this was the only option, since I had heard, a long time ago that there was a law against shipping bully breeds by plane. I don’t even remember where I heard that, & it must have been years ago, but I just never thought to question the information. Well it turns out there is no law, and the only rule that Alaska Airlines has is that they will not ship “short nosed breeds” if the weather is over 75 degrees at any of the airports the dog will travel through.

Lucky for us, it’s late October, which can still occasionally find Reno in the seventies – but that’s where the next trick comes in. It is two hundred dollars less to fly him out from Portland, and I haven’t checked on prices from Seattle yet, but that would make it a direct flight, so that’s probably the best bet. So if Mom could get him a crate, and Dad could schlepp him up to Seattle, then I might be able to have Mu back in time for the holidays!

But it will take a fair amount of doing, and just about the last of my savings – but I think it might be do-able…


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