Taxation Nation

What is the best way to tax people? Countries around the world use different approaches. Which do you think is best? Or should their be no taxes at all? What does it mean for everyone to pay their fair share?

Without taking much time to look into other taxation systems, I will go ahead and comment, based on what I know about how our system works – and how it fails. I have very little interest in tax codes and tables – but I am most intrigued by this concept of everyone “paying their fair share”.

The current structure puts the brunt of the pressure on the working class and on small businesses. That is unfortunate news for about 99% of us, to borrow a phrase…  Large corporations must begin to share in the burden. I know they don’t want to, it makes them sad to think about it at all. But I don’t give a shit. With the same heartless lack of compassion that I have gotten from the IRS for the past decade – after our bookkeeper STOLE our tax payments, (and there is little to recourse available to protect yourself from this before or after the fact – if you cannot afford an attorney, you are shit out of luck, sorry!) all they cared about was collecting the sum that had gone unpaid.

I want any corporation operating on American soil to start paying taxes, to the tune of twenty-something percent. Just until this little trouble we are having with the economy is passed. Especially after the bailouts…in fact, any corporation that received bailout funding, and is now turning a profit, can go ahead and shell out 30% – just of their profits…

I think that’s fair.


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