True Grit

Write a review of the last movie you saw.

The last movie that I watched was True Grit, the new version… It is an excellent work, with a very convincing feel for the time period, which is the classic wild west era.  But I felt they classed it up a bit by refining the dialect of the script to what is probably a more accurate account of how people spoke back in the day. Of course there is still a lot of slang to go around, but it is embedded in a syntax of proper English.

So I thought that was pretty interesting, especially with all of the brutality in the film, the fact that everyone is threatening everyone else in well completed sentences is quite engaging! The cinematography is also very well done, very drab and bleak, but also appreciative of the western landscape of America (filmed in Texas and New Mexico).

The young heroine of the story, Mattie is a wonderful & determined character, and her hired man, Rooster Cogburn, played by Jeff Bridges – is delightfully gruff. The film does run a bit long, both myself and a friend of mine watched it, on separate occasions, & we both dozed off near the end, however we each made it a point to go back and see the ending.

It is directed by the Coen brothers, so it is true to form with their dark humor and film noir appeal.

The ending is kind of a bummer, but maintains a realistic feel, it can’t all be happy endings and sunshine… even on the silver screen.


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