Las Drogas

Pick a topic from yesterday’s list, and write about it.

If you chicken out, write about why you’re afraid to write about one topic from your list.

Ok, then – let’s talk drugs. I smoke and I drink, which in my mind should be considered drug use, since those two substances are the cause of many deaths… But still, especially here in Alaska, such behavior is perfectly acceptable.

I go back and forth on the distinctions made on certain drugs, I think that Mary Jane has gotten a pretty bad (and mostly undeserved) rap, but all those powders and pills are really just nothing but bad news. My Dad told me he saw a report that indicated that MDMA, the main ingredient in common “extacy” or “molly” could possibly have cancer fighting or preventing qualities – which sounds like a pretty fantastic statement to me. I have also heard that cocaine is composed of a molecular structure that fits human DNA, much as an enzyme uses a “lock and key” structure to adhere to substrates in a living cell…

So that’s some interesting food for thought, but at the end of the day, I think that the human propensity for addictive behavior overrides any possible benefits of these substances.

It was the belief that heroin could be beneficial to the human system, that has been long examined by the medical profession, that played a hand in the untimely end of my friend and business partner. He was meticulous in his use of heroin, scheduling out days to be off the grid and out of reach – and he used sterile rigs, straight from the hospital.

But even with all of this planning, foresight & research, heroin did him in. It is my belief that you just can’t win a race up against the white horse. Some may be able to stay in the race for some time (Keith Richards is amazingly well preserved) but in the end, it will wear you down.

So as much as I have dabbled and dribbled through the seedy underbelly of the world of drugs, sampling what was available, and occasionally surprised by substances I was not aware of ingesting, I will never ride that pretty white horse. The price is simply too high.


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