Jody Williams, winner of the 1997 Nobel Peace prize, advises that the winners this year ‘Stay true to themselves’.  This is advice we often here is kids or in movies, but what does it really mean?

First of all, how do you discover who your true self is? It seems many people don’t quite know who they are.  Second, most people have some qualities that they wish they didn’t have, such as jealousy, envy, insecurities or prejudices. Staying true to those things wouldn’t seem to be in our interest.

What does it mean to you to stay true to yourself? Which part of yourself to you think about?

Ok, so one quick aside here… “This advice we often here is kids or in movies…?” Really? At least one good proof-read, for consistency sake is always a good idea.

Moving on, I think that being true to yourself is something that needs to be kept as simple and natural as possible. Otherwise you can push too far, in either (or are there more than two ways off of a path?) direction – thereby loosing your true.

Seems to me that Miz William’s warning goes out to those who stand to loose all humility in the face of the Nobel Prize’s payout and prestige – a juncture that would be difficult for anyone to navigate, really. But we all still face smaller battles every day, and I think it is through those skirmishes with ourselves, that we continue to define ourselves.

It is my belief that we each have a noble core of being that is our own unique self. Or “soul”, in the interest of time… & that that is what we must always struggle to be true to. And all of the troubles that come our way are but lessons, to help us strengthen and refine that core. The details fall away when there is work to be done, but then again, even the soul does good from a bit of vacation time!

So in a nut-shell, I guess I think that staying true to yourself is a simple matter of continuing to look at who you might be, with curiosity and kindness.



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