Time Line

Do we live life forwards, but examine it backwards? This is something the philosopher Kikergard pointed out long ago.

Do you agree? If you do, isn’t this odd? It seems we’re likely to make many mistakes in basing our future, which is forward thinking, entirely on the past, which is looking backwards.

I think that Kikergard makes a valid point in a logical sense, however the view is based on a very dualistic, linear perception of time. The present moment is our only opportunity to take action, so as much as the past is important to reflect on, and the future is best served with some foresight and planning – all you really have is now.

It seems a shame to me, how much of the present is more or less wasted on excess remorse or worry, I do it all the time, but am learning to let things go… So much of our experiences are simply our personal perceptions shading what is really going on around us.

If we can learn to take responsibility for our time, our actions, and our reactions – then the past and present can be but a pleasant reflection on where we have been and where we might be headed.

2 thoughts on “Time Line

  1. Rya says:

    the past and the future, is what I meant in that last paragraph –
    see what I mean about proofreading?

  2. Scarlett Renee' says:

    Love this Rya! Just saw it off Facebook! We made our first batch of kombucha and it was awesome.
    We also gave the new scobi away to our friend who has wanted one for a long time. He was so excited.
    Kombucha- the gift that keeps giving! Thanks so much chef for inspiring us! Hope Alaska is treating your present well.

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