The Third Way

They say “do everything in moderation” when it comes to decisions about how to spend your time and your life – do you agree? Or are there some things that should be done at the extremes, or perhaps that are truly are all or nothing propositions?

Yes, I am a big fan of moderation. I stick to the concept almost instinctively. But at the same time I honor the right of all individuals to go to extremes, & I would even go further to say that one man’s extreme is another dames’ mellow.

The spectrum is a bit wider than many would assume… I do a lot of things that many, perhaps even most, would not. At the same time, I do not do a lot of what the general populace seems compelled to do.

This has become doubly apparent to me here in Juneau…where just about everyone wants to go out and get wild nearly every night. Back in Truckee, I earned valorous titles such as “square” and “antisocial” – here, I am just an out and out anomaly.

There is one concept that is an all-or-nothing scenario for me though… and that is freedom. You either have it or you don’t. & in case you didn’t catch the news today, we don’t.


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