Home again

What does “home” mean to you? How would describe what it feels like to feel “at home”? It may be something specific about the physical details of where you’d like to live, or it could be more about how you feel when you are in the right place.

Once again, I am impressed by your ability to remain so consistently relevant to my self-centered universe! I have only just begun to feel at home here at my new place of residence, and indeed it is a composite experience.

It’s kind of silly, but I think my big turning point was getting my desk brought up to the office, which Sam and Chris did a very nice job of, it would have been way too heavy for me, but – I was the one who knew how to get the door off it’s hinges to get it in here…

Once the desk was up, I set my computer up – I had been using Sam’s laptop, which is a very nice new machine, and honestly, I am actually impressed with Windows 7. Vista was a total turn-off… But I am still stubbornly running XP, which gives me the illusion of ultimate control! So once I had that keystone of my life back in place, I was able to organize much more of it’s surroundings.

Today might be the first day I have really felt calm and “in place” if you will…it’s is the first day I was able to get up and make a pot of coffee, and I got a very clever coffee maker at the thrift store for ten bucks! It doesn’t have a warmer for the pot, but instead the carafe is insulated, so I can just take the thing up to my room, and it will stay warm for an hour or two, and I can get wiiired!!

Those are personal preferences for a sense of place (the internet and coffee? I guess…) – but then there are the externals; this house is much better than when I first arrived, I have cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, and the upstairs rooms, as well as some odds and ends around the front and back yards. And Sam and I laid down non-slip tar paper on our ramp from the street to the house, so now we will not slip and hurt ourselves this winter! (or at least our odds are vastly improved)

And, finally, there is the interpersonal… I am very happy to be here with Sam, & as much as the proverbial honeymoon might be over, or winding down at least, I am very grateful to be with someone who is so caring and kind! We have certainly annoyed each other plenty of times in the past week or two, but it is remarkably easy to just talk it out and let it go with this guy…he’s a keeper šŸ™‚

So there you have it, there is a lot that goes into a sense of home, and it is all coming together quite nicely.


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