Do you think peace in the middle east is possible? Do you think peace anywhere is possible? Likely? Why is it so hard for neighbors, whether its countries or people and their homes. to get along? Or is it easier than we think?

I do believe it is possible, and I will even go a big step further and declare it eminent! I think that peace essentially needs to find a new beginning in the Middle East, as that is where so much of the religious and ethnic or class-based strife derives from.

Peace is a state of being that is indeed difficult to fully imagine, yet we gain ground every moment of the day – and then we loose a bit…but I truly believe that the overall trend is for peace to spread, and eventually prevail on Earth.

& no, I do not think it is easier than we think, nor is it harder, it is simply being mindful to making the most peaceful decisions possible, moment by moment!

Keep it up!


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