Do you believe in free-will or is life predetermined?

Bonus questions:

  • How do you know?
  • Even if you believe in free-will, could your belief in it be per-determined?
  • Does this topic bore you?
  • Did you choose to be bored or was it something beyond your control?
  • I want to stop adding to this list, but I can’t stop myself. Bullets are fun – wheeee!
  • I seem free to choose how I think about adding to this list, but not free to choose if I can stop or not. Perhaps I’m free to think about how I think about my freedom to choose, but not free to actually behave differently.
  • What is willpower, and how does that related to free will? Do some people have more free will than others? How do you know?

Well, my answer is, both. I do believe that there are many forces in this lil universe of ours that push folks in one general direction or another, but then I also believe that at each juncture, you are presented with a choice. This is not always easy to acknowledge, or to take responsibility for. I think that a lot of people often feel that they are stuck with one particular path, and I also think that it is pretty much a fear- based belief structure that propagates such  self limitation.

So free will goes to the brave – or possibly the foolish, depends on how you want to look at it. But I would also add that there is courage to be found in finding synchronicity in life, as a sort of verification, or validation of one’s choices.


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