Decisions, decisions

How do you decide how to decide? When you are faced with a decision, how to do you decide your process for how you are going to make the decision? We all know about pro/con lists, asking friends for advice, or just trusting our instincts, but of all the possible ways to decide how to decide, what determines which one you’ll use in any given situation?

OMG, I totally already wrote this post, but I had to do it on my iPod, which is a touchy little thing, so when I switched the page over too soon, it lost all my hard work 😦

That was four days ago, I think… in the interim, I have moved to Alaska, so I’ve been between computers. I finally got my hard-drive yesterday, but then the damn internet went out. Ah, life’s little ironies. So now I have to come down to the bar to get online. I am, however committed to cranking out a full 365 posts for the year, so here I am looking back over the past four days of topics…

& it may well keep rolling that way for some time, a little hit and miss on the consistency of when I get posts up. Not that I think anyone particularly cares… but when I set my mind on a thing, I do like to stick to it. Which brings me to the topic of the day – from four days ago.

How to decide.

As I wrote before, and still believe today, a decision is something that can only be made in the moment. So I like to follow my gut. I think that it is wise to survey yr options and look over the different variables, but at the end of the day, you just gotta call it, and I think the gut is a good a place to start as any. They actually say that there are cells in  the intestine that are essentially nervous tissue – you really can think with yr belly! It’s like a holdover from the good ol’ days when it was hunt or be hunted. My theory is, that way, you won’t get so caught up on all the extra info floating around yr brain, the only thing that might throw off yr judgement is a possible spot of indigestion.


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