the Others…

Help spread some good will among the postaday and postaweek crowd.

Go visit any blog using our tags (postaday / postaweek) , leave a comment, and then post about it on your own blog. Make sure to link to the blog you left your comment on, so visitors to your blog can follow the conversation if they wish.

Well, sorry, but I failed this one… I poked around and looked for something interesting – & I’m just gonna be frank here, but nothing really caught my attention.

Or, rather, I did not find any posts I could relate to well enough that I could come up with any relevant comments.

Sorry, I am a jerk. I know…

But here’s the thing, I know that I have only given my posts the Post-a-Day tag, on very few occasions I just like to throw down whatever I have to say, and get on with my evening, so I don’t invest a whole lot of time into editing & the like.

& I am probably not the only one who rolls that way, since when you search under the post-a-day tag, there is not a huge amount of results, and even less individual bloggers.

But to any and all who are still tapping out something or other each day – I love you all ad hope you have a lovely evening (or day, depending on yr locale)!



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