I quit!

When is it ok to quit something?

Many cultures frown on people who give up on things. But is it ever good for everyone involved for someone to quit? Whether it’s a job, a relationship or a dream?

It is OK for me to quit my job, tomorrow…


I did give them a good ten weeks notice, so that makes it alright, and I am off on a grand new adventure, and hopefully what will be a whole new way of life for me, in Alaska! I am moving up there to be with my darling Sam, and tho we may not stay there forever, I am very happy and excited to begin our new life together in the Land of the Midnight Sun…even though, since I am heading up just in time for fall and winter, it will be more of the land of the mid-day darkness!

I’ll be in the south-east, so it won’t be that extreme, but the darkness factor is an element I am cautious of…

But my point in reference to the topic is, that it is often necessary to quit something old, before you can fully begin something new. & it isn’t easy, let me tell you! I have three days left to wrap up all of these odds and ends that make up my life, and I am leaving behind many wonderful friends and a loving family. But all in all, I couldn’t be happier to be making this change, even though I am really nervous – all the time lately!

North to the future!

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