Do you work too much or too little?

Today is Labor day in the United States, a national holiday for workers. It marks the end of summer, so for many it’s a last holiday out in the sun.

Traditionally, I work too much – but if everything goes according to plan, I am about to take some serious time off.

Weeks! Months, even!!

But like I said, this is only my plan, & it is by no means guaranteed. And even if it does work out just so, I guess I will still be doing a fair amount of work. There is the house to be tidied up, & a lot of unpacking to do – and my ultimate goal there is to get an office together in the back room – so I can work on my book!

The bulk of this book of mine, is essentially written, but it needs a whole lotta editing…and that editing includes recipe testing as well… So that is not exactly a day at the beach, but it will be working on the project that I have been most inspired to do, but just never have the time.

I find that when you are cooking in a restaurant, you can really get lost in the owner’s, and in the customer’s vision of what they want. The cool thing about a cookbook, is that you can really get a lot more creative, and also inspire others to get creative. When I find a good recipe, I almost always tweak it to make it my own, and I encourage others to do the same, with my recipes, and any other recipes they find.

I also want to learn/remember how to pay the guitar, and there is always my pool game to improve – I have such a sloppy shot!

So I think this is going to be an excellent winter, sans the 9-5, but does this mean I won’t be working on anything? I’m not too sure about that…

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