Ten Songs

Write a top ten list of your favorite songs.

Bonus: Make a list of songs you used to like, but now hate.

This list represents a spur of the moment cross section, since I love so much music, it would be impossible to pick a definitive top ten…

1. Little Wing – Hendrix

2. Pachelbell’s Cannon, as played by Wynton Marsalis

3. Little Green – Joni Mitchell

4. Spice by Life In a Box, as remixed by Hannes Fishcer

5. I’ve Been Thinking – Handsome Boy Modeling School ft. Cat Power

6. Must Be Bobby – The Rza

7. Trying People – De La Soul, ft. Mansa

8. Sound Check (Gravity) – The Gorillaz

9. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3) – DJ Shadow

10. Character – Mara Hruby

Ha! That’s actually a pretty good list, from the hip & all…

Bonus: Don’t let’s hate, kiddies, here’s a vid of an old favorite tune, covered by an up & coming young lady with some serious pipes! 😀


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