For each year you have been alive, write a single sentence about the most important thing that happened to you that year.

If you don’t want to get too personal, write a sentence about the most important historic event, or event most interesting to you, that happened in the world that year.

At the beginning of my first year, I was born, very traumatic…

In the second year, when most kids were sucking their thumbs, I preferred my big toe.

In my third year we moved to the coast, which was a nice change for me.

In my fourth year, I dropped out of Bible school.

In my fifth year, we moved again, this time to the Sierra Foothills, I didn’t want to leave the coast, but, being five, I obliged my parents and got used to it.

In year six, little sis Ali arrived, I was rather jealous at first, but took to the little tyke after a while.

Year seven found me riding my bike off road for the first time, which was awesome.

Year eight, we moved to the top of the mountain, and I continued developing my mountain biking skills, despite the fact that I only had an old cruiser with a bananna seat and streamers on the handlebars.

Year nine, I began attending the only school that I managed to attend, from start to finish without moving away, or dropping out. This was Sierra Mountain Middle school, which is now defunct and used for school district offices only, despite the fact that is had the coolest library ever, and very nice lawns for relaxing and socializing (school board members seem to be oblivious to these features…).

Year ten, I built a fort out of chicken wire and blue tarps, it was really cool, and blue.

Year eleven, I took up playing the trumpet.

Year twelve, I had my first kiss, in front of the library, very awkward.

Year thirteen, I had my fiirst puff of weed.

In my fourteenth year, I started working at Alpine Meadows as a junior ski lift operator, my first real job.

When I was fifteen, Dad taught me how to drive a stick-shift. On ice, and the car had no second gear. From adversity comes excellence?

When I was sixteen, I got my drivers license, dropped out of high school, and blew town. (Also, baby sis Julia was born, I hung around a few months to get acquainted with her :))

At seventeen I was attending College of the Redwoods and working graveyards at Denny’s.

When I was eighteen, I spent my first summer in Alaska.

At nineteen, I spent the winter with Pepper in Santa Barbara, and then went back up to Alaska in the spring.

Twenty, was kind of a repeat of nineteen, apparently it was a pretty good time.

Twenty one was my last summer at Glacier Bay in Alaska, they started drug testing, and I didn’t want to quit smoking weed, oh well.

Twenty two found me back in Truckee and I got a job at the Deli in old town.

Twenty three was when we all picked up and moved to Reno, which really pissed me off, but I got a job at the Pneumatic Diner, which was good.

Twenty four, I got my baby Mu (a pit-bull, who is currently snoozing just behind me on the bed as I type).

Twenty five, I bought the Diner with a collective of friends and co-workers.

Twenty six, we won Best Reno Restaurant, still pretty much my greatest accomplishment since my most elevated scholastic graduation was from eighth grade…

When I was twenty seven, we lost Beau and the Diner started to go down hill.

In my twenty eighth year, Pepper insisted I go to Burning Man with her – so I did. I got stuck out there longer than anticipated, and in the middle of a dust storm sunrise, I realized I had been miserable for the last year or more and decided that I would leave the Diner.

Twenty nine, I spent up in Portland, Oregon – which was a blast, and even fairly productive for working on my new project of the Diner Cookbook, but ultimately Portland life was not an entirely sustainable venture for me.

The big 3-oh found me back in Truckee once more, surprise! I got a job at New Moon…

Thirty one was the year in which we opened the Juice Bar at New Moon.

And here I am, at thirty two, and this year’s claim to fame has been the opening of the Crescent Cafe, at New Moon, and next week I am moving back up to Alaska!

The fun never stops.



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