Write a review of a movie you recently saw or a product you recently used. It could be something new, or something you’ve known about for some time. Describe why you’d recommend it or not (But if it’s a movie, don’t make the mistake of giving away the ending, please).

Ok, well at first I thought I wouldn’t go here, but it’s all I can think of, so here we go.

The coolest new product I have tried is called Moom. It’s like wax (for removing hair) but it’s sugar based. Its all natural, & apparently all organic. It IS a bit tricky to use, and it certainly stings a bit when you rip all of them hairs out by the root. But once you have ventured through the work end of the deal, being silky smooth, without paying a pro, or dumping weird chemicals on thyself is pretty sweet!

It’s not for everyone, I have not had a professional haircut in years, and I have blue stripes in my mane. I prefer to do my own self-transfigurations, since it’s cheaper, and you don’t have to put up with the overdone blow-drying bouffant thing they always do to you at the end…

I also alter my own clothes, and prefer to do my baking from scratch… The way I see it, somepeople are good with detail oriented things, others are not.

Some folks are mildly masochistic, but many are not.

These are things to take into consideration before you go & try to sugar yrself!


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